Your Daily E-Motion

(an excerpt from her book “Eat Life”, due out in 2017, by Sarah Knight)

Each day we have experiences that affect us in different ways. Some experiences do little more than wash over the surface of our being, but others are ingested and go deeper inside us, creating emotional responses such as joy, despair, anger, frustration, and many others besides. When felt emotions are realized, appreciated, and allowed to live for their moment, we have the opportunity to learn from our experiences, and to grow and evolve.

This process, of digesting experiences and expressing the resultant emotions, can be likened to how the food we eat should be digested. Food enters our gastrointestinal systems, is broken down, and nutrients are assimilated and waste released. If our gastrointestinal system isn’t properly digesting food then we do not receive the goodness nor adequately release the toxins. A double whammy! We don’t get enough nourishment and toxic material builds up. In the same way, when we take in an experience, in order to be properly nourished by it and to ensure it doesn’t create stagnation and blockages in our systems, we need to digest it – which includes taking in the good stuff and eliminating any emotional byproducts. If we don’t fully digest life, toxic emotions build up in the body and affect our ability to absorb nourishing experiences. We become constipated with emotion. Heavy, stuck, and sick.

Worried Sick?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is widely acknowledged that suppressed emotions lodge themselves in places in physical body. The lungs are where we hold grief, the liver holds anger, the kidneys hold fear, the heart holds joy, and the spleen/stomach holds worry. The expression “to be worried sick” doesn’t come from nowhere. Additionally, according to some TCM theories, the small intestine contracts with different emotions, and is seen to be the organ in the body that is responsible for digesting emotions, as well as food. Modern science is looking into the linkages here too, with many researchers referring to the gut as our “second brain”.

Clearing the backlog

Accumulating years of undigested emotions doesn’t mean that years are required to deal with this backlog! Energy therapies can be very effective for working on this level, and shifts can happen very quickly. Sometimes during energy work people experience the shifts emotionally, but other times the shifts happen on an energetic level, and might be perceived as tingling or darting sensations in the body, discomfort and tension that builds then releases, or feelings of hot or cold.

Everyone is different

Just like some foods can be one person’s dream dinner or another person’s trip to the hospital, so too do we all have very different abilities to tolerate different experiences. The most important thing is to be aware of what does and does not feel right for you, and try to move only towards experiences that result in good feelings! Of course, this isn’t always possible, so remember…your daily e-motion is as important for your system as your daily bowel motion!

Interested? Check out the 4 day energy intensive healing program that Sarah is offering at KIHC.

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