New Program for Physiotherapy Clients!

We’ve noticed that a well-chosen botanical or nutraceutical anti-inflammatory supplement can significantly speed up the recovery process for some clients receiving physiotherapy. While Christine works on the mechanical and structural causes of your pain, let a Naturopathic Doctor address some of the functional and biochemical factors. This synergy is one of the reasons why practitioners at KIHC work so closely together.*

Naturopathic medicine is designed to address underlying causes of discomfort by assessing the entire person. A well developed plan can take an hour or two to create. But we understand that sometimes, all you want is a little bit of targeted support with professional guidance and not the full consultation and commitment with a naturopathic doctor.  This program is our effort to remove this obstacle to your healing.

This program is appropriate for clients who:

  • Are receiving regular physiotherapy intervention for a simple pain condition
  • Do not already have a relationship established with a naturopathic doctor
  • Have a primary care provider such as a family doctor, who is monitoring their health
  • Are interested in taking one or two botanical or nutraceutical products that match their pain condition and support the body’s healing process
  • Are interested in basic lifestyle changes that support healing
  • Are concerned about side-effects of pharmaceutical pain killers and anti-inflammatories (e.g. high blood pressure, bleeding, digestive upset)
  • Want to reduce their reliance on pharmaceuticals

This program requires a referral from your KIHC physiotherapist. Speak to Christine directly, or else give our receptionists a call and ask them to speak to Christine on your behalf.

Once the referral is made, our receptionists will forward you the program intake form (online, via Jane), and schedule you for a 25-minute consult with Dr. Nobbe (equivalent to a follow-up consultation for current naturopathic clients). For safety and efficacy, this program requires that patients follow-up with two check-in appointments (about 10 minutes), at about 4 weeks and 10 weeks following the initial consultation.


*Sometimes pain is the first symptom that encourages us to finally make lasting changes in our lives. We have a team on-site to help you through this. For example, our Holistic Nutritionists can help you transition to an anti-inflammatory diet. (They’ll even come to your home to help!) Sometimes additional acupuncture sessions, soft-tissue work, counseling, or mindfulness sessions are the missing piece of the puzzle. Speak to Christine, explore this Integrative Intake Screening Questionnaire, or consider a complimentary introductory consultation with any of our practitioners.

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