Preparing for Climate Change

Later this month, KIHC’s Energy Therapist, Sarah Knight, will be representing Green Economy member KIHC at the Kingston Climate Change Symposium, where she will give a short talk and “Climate Change Trauma Release” mini-workshop. So how does an Energy Healer find her way to a Climate Change Symposium? Here, Sarah explains just how important it is that we start really doing our internal work to support the healing of our external environment. 

In October, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change delivered a stark warning on the consequences of unchecked global warming and the fate of our planet if we don’t act immediately.  Their recent report tells us that there must be “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” if we are to avoid catastrophic (aka life-threatening) global warming.

This is not a futuristic scenario. This is the NOW scenario. 91 of the world’s top climate scientists from 40  different countries tell us that we have just 12 years…well actually 11 now…to turn things around. If we don’t get things on the right track by 2030 there is no more time left. There will be nothing we can do to stop runaway global warming and the havoc that will bring.

Undoubtably this is the biggest challenge that modern society will have faced in the two hundred or so years that we have dominated the earth. Unfortunately, it comes at a time where we couldn’t be more ill-prepared as individuals, in so many ways. Most of us are increasingly overwhelmed by work-life stressors, undernourished in terms of good food and solid rest, and often incapacitated by the day-to-day responsibilities of a way of life that seems to demand that we do more and more and more, all the time.

How can we take action on tackling the biggest problem known to humankind (that of the very survival of our species) when we can barely get through the to-do list of one ordinary day? How can we look this challenge in the eye when we don’t even know who we are looking at in the mirror anymore? How do we turn our attention to this crisis when our systems are already so jacked up in a flight-or-fight response from an increasing load of stressors that just never seem to clear?

These are very important questions. Because if there ever was a time to do some internal housework, it is now. Over the next decade we are going to be asked to take action in a myriad of ways, including at the most basic level that of simply being able to stay present and take in the information as it comes at us, as opposed to shutting down from overwhelm – or indeed from overwhelm-induced apathy as I see more and more often.

Luckily for all of us, we don’t have to clean up our internal garbage all by ourselves. All of the team at KIHC is here to help you. My specialty, energy work, will help you identify and heal where you are stuck in emotional holdings and stressful behaviours, and support you to become the biggest, fullest, most capable manifestation of your own self. Our negative patterns that cause us to turn inward, run-away, or become acutely stressed may run deep, but just because we spend a lifetime embedding these behaviours and accumulating energetic debris doesn’t mean it will take another lifetime to clear and change. You are just like a bucket that slowly fills drop by drop with water. You don’t have to empty the bucket one drop at a time. And just like that bucket, when you are an empty vessel you are much more capable of carrying the occasional load.

If you are feeling like that full bucket it is time to take action. Not only will you be more able to face the daily challenges of life, but also be in a much better position to move into whatever the future holds for us.


You can also join Sarah in an upcoming workshop that she has designed to specifically support individuals and groups on the subject of climate change trauma. She will be giving an introduction to this work at the upcoming Kingston Climate Change Symposium hosted by Sustainable Kingston, on January 17th at the Grand Theatre. The first mini-workshop will be held at KIHC on Wednesday February 13th, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  Contact Sarah at or visit her new website for more information.


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