Spiritual Changes During Menopause

Spiritual Transitions during MenopauseShamanic healers from around the world offer a different perspective of what it means for a woman to transition from a regular menstrual cycle and fertility, through to menopause. I asked our shamanic practitioner, Lisa Sabatini, to share her insight with us.


Why is it important to embrace the spiritual aspects of transition through menopause? 

Embracing spiritual changes during menopause can allow us to find meaning, purpose, peace and fulfillment in our life. Spirituality is about connecting with love and compassion, especially for oneself. It can bring meaning, purpose, and clarity to our life. As we move through significant life changes, embracing the spiritual aspects can support us so we may better understand and gracefully accept the cycle of birth and death. We can take advantage of this significant time of transformation to deeply connect within and become the “wise woman” version of ourselves. From a spiritual perspective, the crone stage is not about loss or decline. It’s a time of profound transformation and renewal. Where we carry within us the knowledge and lessons of a lifetime, an opportunity to connect with our inner wisdom and share our gifts in a new way.


You refer to the “Wise Woman” and “Crone” archetypes. I know that in Western culture, we sometimes refer to the concept of archetypes to help us understand broader patterns of behaviour and our human experiences. Please tell us more about the archetypes that help us understand a woman’s transition through menopause. 

In many spiritual and cultural traditions, the stages of a woman’s life are often depicted as a triad, each stage representing different aspects of femininity, wisdom, and personal growth. These stages are typically referred to as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone (or Wise Woman). Each stage symbolizes a unique phase in a woman’s life journey and they are often associated with specific qualities, roles, and archetypes.

The Maiden

The Maiden represents the first stage of a woman’s life, usually from adolescence to early adulthood. This phase is characterized by youthful energy, curiosity, and a sense of independence. The Maiden is often seen as a symbol of purity, innocence, and new beginnings. She is associated with the spring season, symbolizing the time of growth, renewal, and potential.

In many cultures, the Maiden is also linked with the archetype of the young, playful, and adventurous woman. She may embody qualities like spontaneity, freedom, and the pursuit of personal goals and dreams. This stage is a time of self-discovery, learning, and building the foundation for the future.

The Mother

The Mother stage represents the next phase of a woman’s life, typically from adulthood to middle age. This stage is associated with motherhood, whether in the traditional sense of bearing and raising children or in a broader sense of nurturing and caring for others, including friends, family, or community. The Mother embodies qualities of compassion, love, and protection.

During this stage, a woman may experience significant personal and emotional growth as she learns to balance her own needs with the responsibilities of caring for others. The Mother stage is often associated with the summer season, symbolizing a time of abundance, warmth, and fertility.

The Crone (or Wise Woman)

The Crone, also known as the Wise Woman, represents the final stage of a woman’s life, typically starting from menopause and beyond. This stage is associated with wisdom, experience, and the deep understanding that comes with a lifetime of learning and growth. The Crone is often depicted as an elder, symbolizing the autumn or winter season, which represents the harvest and the cycle of life and death.

In many cultures, the Crone is revered for her wisdom, intuition, and ability to guide and counsel others. She may be seen as a keeper of ancient knowledge and traditions, passing down her wisdom to younger generations. The Crone stage is a time of reflection, inner exploration, and embracing one’s true self beyond societal expectations.


While these stages are described in a linear way, the spiritual journey of a woman is not rigid or fixed in a linear way. We experience these aspects of ourselves throughout the course of our entire life. Our experiences vary, and we experience different stages at different times or revisit certain stages throughout their lives. The stages also transcend biological motherhood and can be understood in a broader sense, representing various aspects of a woman’s psyche and personal growth.


It helps to see menopause in the context of the broader cycle of our lives. What are some of the more specific spiritual questions or transitions that women might come to you for additional support and deeper exploration?   

The spiritual changes during menopause can be a lot to navigate, and having support and perspective can bring about a deeper soulful connection with life and sense of self. Here are some of the spiritual changes we might address during our sessions together:

Reflection on life’s purpose:

Menopause can prompt women to reflect on the meaning and purpose of their lives. The transition from the fertile years to a new phase of life may lead to questions about one’s life path, achievements, and goals.

Connection with inner wisdom:

During menopause, some women begin feeling more in tune with their inner wisdom. This increased self-awareness and introspection might allow them to make better decisions and feel more connected to their intuition.

Letting go of attachments:

Menopause can be a time of releasing attachments to previous life roles, such as being a mother or caregiver. There can be grief in releasing previous roles. This process of letting go can lead to a deeper understanding of the impermanence of life and the importance of embracing change. It can lead to acceptance and peacefulness.

Embracing self-acceptance:

With the hormonal fluctuations and physical changes that come with menopause, some women learn to embrace and accept themselves more fully, finding peace and contentment in their bodies and self-identity.

Spiritual exploration:

Menopause can motivate women to explore spirituality and engage in practices such as meditation, yoga, or mindfulness to find inner peace and balance during this transformative time.

Connecting with nature and the cycles of life:

Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life cycle and some women may develop a deeper appreciation for nature and the broader cycles of life and death.

Reevaluation of priorities:

Menopause often coincides with other life changes, such as children leaving home or retirement. This can prompt women to reevaluate their priorities, focusing on what truly matters to them on a spiritual level.

Seeking support and community:

Some women seek out spiritual support groups or communities during menopause to share their experiences and find solace in connecting with others going through similar changes.

Finding meaning in aging:

Menopause can challenge societal notions of aging and beauty. Some women experience a shift in their perspective, finding beauty and wisdom in the aging process.


*Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash 

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