The Medicine of Energy

Sarah Knight, PhD

For our ancestors, the medicine of energy was an integrated part of their lives. As real as any of the other senses, the sense of energy would have shaped the way they responded to the world. Over time, as civilizations began to place more emphasis on the material world, our energy sense withered through disuse. But just as an atrophied muscle can regain its strength, so can this lost sense, through use and perseverance.

The practitioners of various energy medicine techniques are just that – PRACTICE-tioners. It’s true that some people have a natural gift to see and/or feel energy, but for the most part it is now a learned ability, that takes time and dedication. And like a muscle in your body, the more you use this sense, the stronger it becomes.

With the practiced ability to feel and work with energy, comes the ability to heal with energy. Just as Einstein taught us through his infamous equation E = mc2, (E)nergy and (m)atter are interchangeable. What this means is that what happens to our physical body has energetic consequences, and vice versa. Energy medicine practitioners work on the principal that physical, mental and emotional ailments are accompanied by energetic blocks or imbalances. By restoring the normal levels and flow of energy in the system, dis-ease and discomfort in the body and mind can be alleviated.

Typically energy medicine practitioners use only their hands, their focused intention, and the willingness of the client, to do the work through a variety of learned techniques. Reiki and Bioenergy are two such energy medicine techniques.

Reiki has its origins in the 1920’s when a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui became inspired on how to access and use the Reiki healing ray. Today, Reiki students are initiated to use this ray of healing, and taught the principals and techniques on how to facilitate a Reiki healing. The focus of Bioenergy is not on any specific ray of healing, but rather on encouraging the release of stagnant energy from, and the restoration of the natural flow within, the system. The practitioner accomplishes this by “feeling” the energy field in and around the body, and by then using their hands to shift blockages and to rebalance.

Regardless of the technique, it is important not to see an energy medicine practitioner as “giving” energy. Rather, they act as a conduit for the recipient to draw down whatever it is that they need, as controlled by their own energy body – so we are each in fact our own healers. But don’t worry, this isn’t a mind-controlled process. In my experience, some of the most profound healings come to those that have no idea what is going to happen. Energy just loves an open mind!

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