What frequencies are you emitting?

As a scientist turned energy healer I often reflect on one of the fundamental equations of science, E=mc2.

Einstein’s equation tells us that energy (E) and matter (m) are interchangeable. It says that a beam of light and an apple core are essentially the same thing.  The c in the equation represents the speed of light, and tells us that when energy is released from matter, it travels at the speed of light.

Another quality of energy is that it vibrates at a certain frequency, depending on the kind of energy that we are talking about.

In Kingston, there’s a lot of talk about harmful energetic frequencies emitted by electromagnetic fields. Like all energy, this energy has the ability to interact with matter, possibly changing its structure. This is certainly a great concern.

With this concern over harmful EMF’s, discussions on energy and its implications that used to be confined to scientific classrooms and laboratories have now moved into the public domain, giving us the opportunity to reflect on how energy relates to form and matter in all kinds of ways.

Satellites, cell phones, and microwaves aren’t the only things that emit an energetic frequency. Going back to Einstein’s equation, we know that EVERYTHING is made of energy.

The Law of Attraction is all about using this basic scientific principal, along with several others including Plato’s original “Like attracts Like”. This Greek philosopher was onto something with his observations that you can likely affirm as a part of your observations of daily life. Happy, successful, positive people just tend to attract more of that good stuff. This can be partly explained by the presence of our “mirror neurons”, which result in our brain looking to mirror what we see in the experiences around us. So if we surround ourselves with positive people, our mirror neurons will look to evoke and emit more positive behaviour. Same goes for the negative stuff. And so the vibes spread!

At its most basic, the Law of Attraction says that not only does matter have an energetic signature, but so do our thoughts. Our very thoughts can shape the world around us by attracting more of what we are thinking through their unique frequencies.

The Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto has studied the effect of the vibrations of different qualities of thoughts on water, by studying how water crystallizes as it cools when in the presence of different “vibes”. Although his work has been strongly criticized by some of the scientific community, his photographs of water crystals that formed under the positive influence of loving thoughts and peaceful music, vs. those formed under the influence of destructive thoughts and violent music, are very thought-provoking.

So, if you find yourself wanting more of something in your life, take a look at the energy that you are sending out to the world. Could the whisper of a wave from the upturned corners of your morning smile produce a tidal wave of love by the end of the day? Very possibly. What I do know is that energy is a powerful force that can shape our reality in every moment, in so many ways.

A huge thanks to the K4ST team who are using their energy to protect our community from the potentially overwhelming negative energetic frequencies of 5G cell phone towers. We are literally a living experiment in how this technology impacts our own more subtle vibrations, although there is research out there already that shows the destructive impacts on tissues and structures. Let’s set our visions higher, and attract an urban environment in Kingston that continues to offer a healthful and life-giving energetic field, by saying no to this technology. And while you are at it, smile and think abundant thoughts about the kind of home and city that you want to live in. We are so blessed with all the right ingredients in our city, and so much more is possible!

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