Electromagnetic Frequencies and 5G in Kingston

EMFs in KingstonYou may have noticed a few lawn signs in Kingston advocating for “No Small Cell Antennas; No 5G”. Implementation of this “fifth generation” telecommunications technology is progressing rapidly worldwide, despite more than 20,000 scientific studies citing harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from electric and wireless devices. Concerned physicians, scientists, and local action groups (including Kingstonians for Safe Technology) are advocating for proof of safety before installation is permitted in residential areas. It matters because, once installed, we’ll all be exposed to massive increases of EMF.

How is 5G different?

In 2011, the division of the World Health Organization that researches cancer (IARC), designated EMFs as a possible human carcinogen in addition to the health effects already experienced by people with “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” (EHS). The science has grown exponentially since then and it’s clear that EMFs have negative impacts on our health and the environment’s health.[i] But 5G is different. This technology operates at frequencies much higher than current technology and experts warn that the health impacts are expected to be much more dire – though we wouldn’t know for sure, because health impacts of 5G haven’t been adequately studied yet.[ii]


Stress reduces our health resiliency

Our bodies are electrical systems. Our nervous system, for example, conducts electricity throughout our body and is a major player in our body’s perception of stress, whether physical or emotional. EMFs are a “stress” on the body, not unlike other environmental contaminants, all of which are correlated to higher risk of chronic illness, including those with no “cure” such as Alzheimer’s disease, and some forms of cancer. EMF exposure itself is directly correlated to sleep problems, anxiety, allergies and histamine release, nausea, headaches, and fatigue, among other things. I might see EHS more frequently in my office because people who’ve had Lyme disease or who are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or chemical sensitivities, are often more susceptible to the effects of EMFs.[iii] These illnesses have been described by some researchers as sentinel illnesses  – harbingers of what’s to come as EMF exposure to the entire population becomes inescapable.



To find out more about 5G infrastructure in Kingston, contact Kingstonians for Safe Technology and attend their upcoming screening of “Generation Zapped” at the Central branch public library, August 13th at 7pm. To address your exposure to EMFs in your home or work, contact a qualified Building Biologist and review our Self Questionnaire on our website. And for symptoms, your Naturopathic Doctor can help you address this by supporting your body’s organ and cellular resiliency, including by mitigating inflammation associated with EMF exposure.


Additional Resources:

Bandara P and Carpenter DO. Planetary electromagnetic pollution: it is time to assess its impact. The Lancet Planetary Health. Dec 2018; 12(2):e512-e514. DOI: 10.1016/s2542-5196(18)30221-3.


[i] EMF damages plants and ecosystems. For more information about why negative environmental impact is doubly concerning for our own health, please see my blog article posted earlier this year. You might also appreciate this article, “Planetary electromagnetic pollution: it is time to assess its impact”, published in the Lancet, Dec 2018.

[ii] Imagine if 5G were a drug, in which thorough pre-market scientific research would be an absolute requirement. But the telecommunications industry is not governed by Health Canada or other governmental bodies mandated with protection of the public’s health or the health of our environment.

[iii] For an introduction about how our cells register danger by a drop in voltage, please explore Dr. Neil Nathan’s recent book, which will further guide you to an in-depth analysis as presented by Dr. Robert Naviaux. A qualified Building Biologist can also help you measure your own body voltage and how it changes in response to EMF exposure.

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Dr. Sonya Nobbe, ND

Dr. Sonya Nobbe is a Naturopathic Doctor and Director of Kingston Integrated Healthcare Inc. She has been practicing in the Kingston area since 2007. Dr. Sonya maintains a family practice, with a clinical focus on complex chronic disease, including Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia.


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