Hip Hinge for Low Back Relief

Yoga Pam FernerWhile movement is imperative to sustainable health, how you move also matters. Our bodies are absolutely meant to move in so many different ways.  As we age, it becomes vitally important to consciously use our joints and spine in ways that better fit their design. This helps prevent undue stress (wear and tear) and maximizes your ability to move well for a very long time.

The hip hinge is one of those ways. Simply changing how you bend forward not only gives the muscles around the lower back a break, it also strengthens your core awareness.  It might take a little getting used to, but it is the coolest little trick. Please click on the video link below to see what I’m talking about.  You can slip this movement in throughout your day. The hip hinge relieves unnecessary stress on the lower back, while appropriately employing your gluts, hips and hamstrings:  All this + an added bonus of a bit of core awareness.

2 min video: HIP HINGE

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Pam offers Yoga classes online on Monday’s at 9:30 AM and Wednesday’s at 7 PM.  In-person yoga series are offered at KIHC in the Gathering Space.  If you would like to learn more or register for a class contact Pam at pam@pamferner.com.

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Pam Ferner

Pamela Ferner is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500) with Yoga Alliance, and a Certified Yoga Tune Up Teacher. Pam's classes focus on compassionate self-awareness, improving mobility and strength.


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