My Approach to Therapy

Therapy Dr. JodyPsychotherapy, counselling, or “talk-therapy” is a very individual process that varies greatly based on the personality and theoretical framework of the therapist, and the personality and needs of the client. I primarily work with people who struggle with high stress and anxiety and this is how I approach my work.

I believe that all people are naturally drawn to grow and change towards their healthiest selves, but sometimes we get stuck. Therapy can help kick-start the growth process allowing you to move towards health and happiness, as efficiently as possible. We will work together to understand who you are and why you think, feel, and behave the way you do. This will form the foundation for you to learn coping skills and make choices that will move you forward towards emotional, mental, and physical health.

Therapy is A Time for You

The therapeutic relationship is the base of the work. It is not the same as talking to a friend or family member, as it is a time for it to really be all about you without worrying about taking turns or overwhelming the other person. I will strive to be present, authentic, and non-judgemental as I reflect, give feedback, and offer tools based on your experiences and goals. I will bring my education and experience to support you, while respecting that you are the expert of your internal world. I see intense feelings, dysfunctional behaviours, and even some physical pain issues as signals that you are not coping well. This means that there are problems that need to be addressed by increasing insight, coping skills and supports, not that you are broken or damaged.

Starting Therapy

People contact me to start therapy because they are hurting. However, the idea of starting therapy often feels like a combination of “I need to” and “I don’t want to.” This conflict comes from the tension between a desire to feel better and the fear of exposure. Can you handle sharing the very parts of yourself that you try so hard to keep hidden and in control? Can you really trust another person to see you fully and not judge or reject you? I can’t promise that it will always be easy. I can promise that when I ask you how you are feeling, I want to know the truth. There is no need to protect me with the socially acceptable “fine” or edit yourself. I am here to work with you on your journey of healing.

Harnessing Strengths through Therapy

While the pain brings people to therapy, I believe that harnessing strengths is what heals. For instance, most people think of anxiety as being a problem that stands in the way of happiness. At extreme and chronic levels this is true. What we often forget, though, are the strengths of being an anxious person. People who are “worriers” have a good sense of self-protection and a desire to be successful. When you learn to manage your anxiety, you can harness these strengths. Through this process, you can experience greater achievement, build healthier relationships, and find more happiness.


For more information about Dr. Jody Kircher, please see “Meet our Team” and her website.

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