Family Constellations: When disease turns up in service to love

Family Constellations workshops

Upcoming family constellations workshops, with Sarah Knight, open to beginners. Next One: March 20th, 6-8:30 pm. For more information visit–training.html or contact Sarah directly,

When disease turns up in service to love


The work of Family Constellations is all about making visible the invisible forces that drive the behaviours, beliefs, symptoms, and patterns that seem to thwart us in our efforts to live a good life.

One of the foundational views of this work is that when seen as part of the whole all of that which binds us to suffering and unwellness suddenly makes sense. So much of what we try to push away or to “fix” has really just turned up in service to highlighting the places where love stopped flowing in our family system, that is where trauma is held, where events remain unresolved, or where someone was excluded. When what lays beneath all of our seeming dysfunction is able to be really seen then the whole system can heave a sigh of relief and the energetic release can be palpably felt.

Family Constellations Workshops

Originally, this work was used only in relation to family systems, in a workshop setting where a circle of participants set the stage for the work to unfold. An individual would come forward with an issue. The facilitator would ask a few questions, and then representatives from amongst the other participants would be chosen to stand in for various family members – the mother, father, siblings, grandparents, partners etc. The representatives would then enter the “knowing field” of the individual presenting the issue and do their best to trust and surrender to what they feel in their bodies. By observing how the representatives for the various family members behave in response to each other, and by trusting in their own intuition and understanding, the facilitator would then guide the resolution through the use of healing statements, righting wrongful orders, and including the excluded.

This work has evolved over many decades with the wisdom and experience of constellators from all over the world, and today this technique is used to not only heal disease and dysfunction that has its roots in family of origin and inherited ancestral trauma, but also to address organizational issues in business, in classrooms to help teachers better understand home dynamics, to support in the progression of cultural change, to look at how we relate to nature, and much more. This work can also be done one-on-one through the use of energetic footprints, and, as constellators all over the world are discovering and embracing, with groups in a virtual setting. We do not need to be a shared physical space to set a shared energetic space and to feel what wants to be felt through the knowing field.


If you’d like to try this work out either to participate or to observe, please join me at any of the upcoming zoom workshops. March 20, April 24, May 15, June 26, 6-8:30 pm. More details on or by emailing

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