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Chronic Illness? Feed your Microbiome!

Feed Your Microbiome20 years ago I had a professor, a Naturopathic Doctor who grew up in Central American, who prescribed very specific dietary regimens: rye bread but not spelt. Hard Wasa crisps but no crackers. Hard cheeses but not soft ones. Patients and Clinicians alike often responded to this fringe advice with both indignation and skepticism. Nonetheless, patients who took his advice experienced significant health improvements.

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Menopause Group Classes for Naturopathic Patients: October 2024 to March 2025

Menopause classMenopause Group Classes for Naturopathic Patients at KIHC

with Dr. Angela Hunt ND

6 Thursday classes, each held once a month, beginning October 2024


These small in-person menopause group classes* are designed for current patients of Drs. Hunt, Mirhosseini, and Nobbe, and are intended to facilitate authentic conversation about all things menopause. Participants will leave with an individualized treatment plan (and sometimes homework) pertaining to that class’s main topic of discussion.

For more information or to sign-up, please contact Dr. Hunt directly or speak with her during your next appointment.


Dr. Hunt is the only  Menopause Society Certified Practitioner (MSCP) in our region. She’s been addressing menopausal concerns in her practice for more than a decade.


*Your class slot is scheduled and billed as a follow-up appointment, which is $105 per session. All KIHC appointment policies apply, including receipts issued for insurance purposes and cancellation policies. Space is limited to 6 participants.

Menopause Group Class Syllabus

Classes are available on Thursdays at either 9am, 3pm or 6pm. Please indicate your preferred time – this will be your same class time for the duration of the 6-month series.  Please include your preferred time in your correspondence with Dr. Hunt. This 6-month program will not be offered again until Fall 2025.


Session ONE, October 2024: What’s happening?!

We’ll start by discussing what’s actually happening in a woman’s body throughout the perimenopause and menopause transition. We’ll link these changes to common symptoms such as hot flashes, anxiety, and insomnia, and dispel some of the myths we come up against in our society. Participants will leave with a treatment plan that addresses some of these more common concerns of menopause.


Session TWO, November 2024: Healthy Heart for Years to Come

Did you know that cardiovascular disease kills 1 out of 3 women? Even though cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women, so few women know their own risk factors. Risk factors for various illnesses are all affected by hormone changes during menopause and the heart is an important one. This class explores steps we can take now to protect our heart health.


Session THREE, December 2024: Health for Bones & Your Brain

Two other major systems impacted by menopause are bone health and cognition. Dr. Hunt takes a deep-dive into the literature to explain why these changes happen. The focus of this class will be on prevention and proactive behaviors that keep your bones strong and brain sharp.


Session FOUR, January 2025: Sensuality & Sexuality

Where did my libido go? Changes in sexual desire is a major complaint among women going through menopause. Other common changes and topics of discussion include vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse. This class tackles this topic with a refreshingly open and lighthearted approach. Participants will leave with tangible resources and support.


Session FIVE, February 2025: Emotional & Spiritual Transitions

Menopause involves more than a physical transition. Women often experience significant changes in their life goals and relationships.  This is a great space for safe conversations and open dialogue about each other’s experiences. We’ll explore different traditions and cultures’ approaches to the menopausal transition.

Session SIX, March 2025: Embracing Changes

This last class is designed to pull it all together. We’ll circle back and move more deeply into previous topics of most interest to the group, including weight management through menopause, cancer prevention, and mental health.

Your Personal Cancer Risk

cancer risk assessmentCancer Care Ontario has built a cancer risk assessment tool called My CancerIQ, which helps us explore where our personal risk lies and preventive actions we can take to reduce our cancer risk. We’ve included links below for 5 different types of cancer.

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Suicide Prevention

Suicide preventionEastern and old-world medical approaches that existed for thousands of years before our Western conventional model, teach us that every part of our mind, body, and spirit, is connected to all other parts. Our body works like an ecosystem: Pull on one string and the others react.

Integrative and holistic practitioners sometimes struggle to convey this simple principle. It can be difficult for some people to accept: Why are we treating kidney function to address bone health? Or digestive health to address skin concerns? When it comes to mental health concerns, the interconnectedness can seem even more foreign, but overlooking it can have devastating consequences.

Research has identified some simple, common blood test results that correspond to a person’s risk of dying by suicide. This news might be shocking at first, but understandable when we really come to embrace holistic health.

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Best Water Filters

water filtersMany of us are already aware that even mild chronic dehydration contributes to fatigue, brain fog, headaches, constipation, insomnia, and many more health challenges! Quantity matters.

You may also be aware of the “extra organ” in your body called a microbiome that’s comprised of billions of bacteria, trillions of viruses, and which keeps you alive.[i] It exists predominantly in your digestive tract, and it eats and drinks what you eat and drink. Unsurprisingly then, the quality of our drinking water significantly influences the health of our microbiome, with profound implications for our overall health. (The chlorine in our city water is not selective for just “bad” bacteria.)

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Join Our Healthcare Team!

Join our healthcare team in KingstonThese days, when uncertainty and change define our practice, it’s important that healthcare providers work together and offer each other a supportive environment. Our team is working hard to accommodate our patient load, but we need help! We’re waiting for the right regulated health professional to join our team. Considerations include a Chiropractor, Psychologist, Chiropodist or Podiatrist, holistic dental practitioner, or professional with a clinical focus on pain management, intravenous therapy, or Oncology. Please send inquiries to Dr. Sonya.

Natural Toothpaste Recipes

Toothpaste recipes

My recent National Geographic issue suggests that 1 billion toothbrushes are discarded each year in the US. Because plastic takes so long to degrade, it means that every toothbrush discarded since the 1930s is still out there, somewhere. The same likely goes for plastic tubes of toothpaste. Given how harmful plastic is to our environment and our health, and with so many easy alternatives, there’s no reason for us to continue using these products. Here are some quick and easy natural toothpaste and mouthwash options for you to try!

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Top 5 Healthy Experiments While in Isolation

Healthy ExperimentsThere are a few things I’ve always wanted to try, but there were always so many people around me, it would’ve been inconsiderate! Maybe you can relate? And if I only had a bit more time, there are activities I would enjoy learning and experimenting with from home. I’ve compiled a short list of healthy experiments here on the chance that they support your health in deeper ways during this challenging time.

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