Author / Sarah Knight, PhD, RM

Preparing for Climate Change

Later this month, KIHC’s Energy Therapist, Sarah Knight, will be representing Green Economy member KIHC at the Kingston Climate Change Symposium, where she will give a short talk and “Climate Change Trauma Release” mini-workshop. So how does an Energy Healer find her way to a Climate Change Symposium? Here, Sarah explains just how important it is that we start really doing our internal work to support the healing of our external environment. 

The Constellation of Your Family

I stepped in to the centre of the circle of people and my posture changed immediately. I slouched, my toes turned inward, and my gaze shifted fearfully towards the floor as I stood several paces away from both my “husband” and my “daughter”. My body became very much aware of a need to get her as close to me as possible, while steering well clear of his strong presence.

I was not actually married to this man, I’d only just met him earlier that day, but we had both been asked by the young woman to step in to the roles of her parents, in a process known broadly as “Family Constellations”. We were given no information, but such is the experience of a participant who is willing to just follow the lead of their own body in a Family Constellations workshop. As it turned out, we were embodying her parents pretty accurately, and through the careful lead of the facilitator this young woman gained some great insights, and likely took a bit of a leap in her own healing journey, as the constellation revealed clues as to how her family imprint holds her back. 

Returning to Your Healing Roots

Many of us have personal experiences of hands-on healing, and certainly for me the profound healing I received from my mother in 2004 was a pivotal moment in my path to become an energy healer myself. For those that may not have a personal experience, you will likely still have heard stories, from friends and acquaintances, or from books and legends. Stories of the healing miracles fill religious texts. Whether or not you believe them,

Mindful Energy Exchanges


Being mindful.

A concept many of us have embraced.

Mindfulness is in fact a great tool to use to monitor your energy, and to help you understand where your energy goes and how to ensure that you aren’t depleting yourself unnecessarily.

Why learn Reiki?

reiki-sarahClose your eyes, and bring your attention to the palms of your hands. Most likely you will almost immediately feel them warming, and might notice a tingling or electric sensation. If you now put your hands anywhere on your body – your tummy or heart is a good place to start – you may feel that warming, soothing sensation enter your body. This is healing energy, and the truth is, we ALL have access to healing energies, ALL of the time. But through lack of use, just like a muscle that spends too long at rest, this ability atrophies. Attention can waken up this ability, and training from a qualified teacher can hone and strengthen it while bringing forth a memory deeply buried in your cells of how to use this healing energy.

Sleep & The Chi Cycle

newletter-sleep-secrets-chi-cycle-oneSarah Knight, PhD, RM

How energy flows through the body is intrinsically linked to how we function during the day, and how we sleep at night. If you have ever lain in bed in the middle of the night, eyes wide open, mind and body alert, then you will have a clear understanding of this.

Life force energy, or “chi”, moves through our bodies in a 24 hour cycle. Just like a boat travelling down a river, there are specific times of the day where our chi is most active along certain energetic pathways (called “meridians”) in the body. For example, most people rise during stomach time, 7-9 am, when the stomach chi is most active. This is a good time to have your first meal, and signals to the rest of the body that you have arrived in to this new day. 

Reiki Level 1

reiki-sarahReiki Level one teaching weekend with Reiki Master and Bioenergy Practitioner Sarah Knight, Nov. 11-13, at KIHC. Receive the Reiki Level one attunement and learn how to work with this beautiful healing ray on yourself, and others. Contact Sarah at for more information.

Energetic Blockages: The Low-Down

iStock_tulipsEnergy healing works on the entire system, and can affect people on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

It is my belief that energy stagnancies and blockages underlay all other complaints and conditions. Occasionally an energetic blockage results from a physical trauma, such as an accident or fall for example, but most often the blockage precedes the manifestation of physical or mental pain, discomfort or disease. How long the blockage sits there, the nature of its origin, an individual’s personal and ancestral health history, and where the blockage sits in the system, are just some of the factors that will affect how it manifests in any one person’s mind or body.

Shake it Loose!

einstein energyIn my world, energy is everything.

Energy and mass are interchangeable (E=mc2). We are energy. Everything is energy. We are connected to everything around us through energy. Energy is a dynamic force, constantly in motion. We are immersed in it, drawing in fresh energy from the divine around us, and releasing energetic waste as required.

What happens when energetic free-flow becomes obstructed? Similar to your physical waste mechanisms, energetic waste needs to be cleared, and where it isn’t, stagnation and sickness can result. Physical malfunction has underlying energetic blockages.

Science, Energy Medicine, and EVERYTHING!

By Sarah Knight, PhD

Human beings are capable of many things. In each one of us exists the possibility to create works of art, run a business, fly a plane, earn a fortune, or lose a fortune! The choices that we make and the possibilities that we foster are often determined by circumstance. The country and family that we are born into, the teachers and other guides that we gravitate towards, and the opportunities that are presented to us along the way certainly play a very large role in how we play out our lifetimes.

Say Chis

Sarah Knight, PhD, RM, EuBP

Everything is energy. We feel it in ourselves, in other people, in our pets, in the earth. ¬¬There are systems of integrated medicine and healing practices dedicated to working with the energy of plants, animals and even minerals. Homeopathy, phytobiophysics and Bach flower remedies, and various shamanic practices are just a few of these. But there is energy medicine right at our fingertips that we can tap in to every time we prepare and consume a meal.

Good quality, unrefined foods feed our chi (or qi – our life force). In addition, the foods that we eat all have their own energies, some of them in harmony with our systems and our individual needs (which may change throughout the day, year or with different phases in our lives) and some in dissonance. For optimum health and well-being, a balanced intake of food energy should be considered alongside a balanced intake of calories and nutrients.

Energy Intensive Program (Getting Unstuck)

The Energy Intensive “Getting Unstuck” program consists of four Bioenergy healing sessions with Sarah, conducted within a 4-10 day time period. It is designed to work deeply on every level. By conducting repeat sessions within a relatively short span of time, layers of emotional/physical/energetic stagnation can be worked through, to get to the root of an issue.

Your Daily E-Motion

(an excerpt from her book “Eat Life”, due out in 2017, by Sarah Knight)

Each day we have experiences that affect us in different ways. Some experiences do little more than wash over the surface of our being, but others are ingested and go deeper inside us, creating emotional responses such as joy, despair, anger, frustration, and many others besides. When felt emotions are realized, appreciated, and allowed to live for their moment, we have the opportunity to learn from our experiences, and to grow and evolve.

This process, of digesting experiences and expressing the resultant emotions, can be likened to how the food we eat should be digested. Food enters our gastrointestinal systems, is broken down, and nutrients are assimilated and waste released. If our gastrointestinal system isn’t properly digesting food then we do not receive the goodness nor adequately release the toxins. A double whammy! We don’t get enough nourishment and toxic material builds up. In the same way, when we take in an experience, in order to be properly nourished by it and to ensure it doesn’t create stagnation and blockages in our systems, we need to digest it – which includes taking in the good stuff and eliminating any emotional byproducts.

De-Stress and Re-Charge Energy Exercise Classes

De-Stress and Re-Charge classes with KIHC’s energy therapist Sarah Knight. (Watch her video, here.)

“If you need a boost then these classes are for you! In each session you will be guided through a series of gentle exercises, movements and meditations, designed to help you harness your natural ability to direct the flow of healing energy within your own system. The focus will be on clearing toxic build ups of stagnant energy and recharging and rebalancing your energy system. Absolutely no prior knowledge of energy work of any kind is required.”

8 Monday evenings, 7pm – 8pm
Starting January 18th

Maximum of 8 participants
$100 plus HST

Registration required. Please contact Sarah directly: (613) 770-7440, or through her website.

Energy Tips for Your Spleen

By Sarah Knight, PhD, RM, EuBP
Energy Therapist

The spleen is an often overlooked little organ. At about 4 inches long, it lies in behind your rib cage on the upper left hand side of your abdomen, towards the back. It plays several roles in immune function by filtering the blood, and by producing some types of white blood cells that fight infection in the body.

If you are feeling run down, or fighting off a cold, you can keep your spleen strong using simple energy medicine techniques.

Technology and Energy

~ Sarah Knight, PhD, RM

Interacting with digital media can affect our energy systems. One immediate and noticeable impact of sitting in front of a screen is that it brings the attention away from the body and up to the head. Think about it – if you are engrossed in whatever you are doing on the computer you may even forget that you have a body! You become a floating head, perhaps with a set of arms if you are lucky. Where our attention goes our energy flows. So, “screen-time” often results in a feeling of being ungrounded. This feeling can manifest as irritation, oversensitivity, anxiety, or inability to concentrate.

Giving Thanks

~ Sarah Knight, PhD, RM

Traditionally, autumn is a time of harvest. The seeds that were lovingly planted in the spring have come through their bloom complete to fruition, and in this we celebrate. The “horn of plenty” image that is so strongly associated with Thanksgiving is symbolic of our cups and tables overflowing with the bounties of nature. Bounties that men and women, as creatures of agriculture, invested much time and energy in, knowing that the return would come in the form of deep nourishment.

The ancient Celts of Ireland celebrated harvest time with a festival called “Lughnasadh” (pronounced loo-nah-sah) – a festival of light, with “Lugh” frequently referenced as the Sun God. They marked this time of year as one of great importance, where not only the light and the harvest was celebrated, but also the coming of the dark and the death of the crops. They had a deep understanding of the cycles of life, and knew that the “end” – that is the return of seed and energy to the soil – was necessary in order for there to be new beginnings.

As is with the land, so it is with us. We are connected to the greater energy system of the earth, and what is crucial to our own annual cycles of death and rebirth is a marking of our harvests.